Moderator of Session - Rev. Dr. Richard Young
Clerk of Session  -   Alan Sager




Class of 2018                       Class of 2019                 Class of 2020

Doug Carpenter-Hosp Ch             Andrew Brydges-Mission VC         Carol Blackley-VC    
Russell Etzenhouser-Worship       Bill Helfrich-A&F VC                      Melissa Brydges-Mbr VC
Martha Feitd-Mbr Ch                   Doug McMahon-Worship               Brad Day-Property
Mick Griffin-A&F Ch                     Laurie Patterson-CE Ch                Bill Hess-Property VC
Jamie Owens-Property Ch            Mike Rodems-Property                 Sarah McBride-Worship
John Peterson-Mbr                      Don Schmid-CE                           Joel Ridge-Mission CH
Lenore Reid-Worship Ch              Sandy Wallace-CE                        Jan Robinson-Mission
Lynne Young-Worship                 Sharon Zulinke-Hosp VC               Bryan Somerville-Hosp