Church Leadership


Church Leadership

Presbyterians make decisions as a community. It's our way of living out the Biblical notion that God has created a covenant community.  We base our decisions on our traditional sources of authority and guidance—the Bible and the church's constitution. We pray and seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit in interpreting these sources of authority. We listen to each other, believing that God speaks in the community of the church.

Being a Presbyterian is not a spectator sport, it means active involvement in ur community and in our world. Our representative form of government puts significant responsibility on all members of the church. We are continually challenged to think about our faith and how our faith intersects with the world.

The congregation elects from among its members elders and deacons who serve on the session (elders) or the board of deacons.

Each member of session serves on a ministry team, working together to provide leadership in key areas of the church.

Orchard Park Presbyterian Church is affiliated with the Presbytery of Western New York.

You may also access the PC (U.S.A.) website here.






As followers of Jesus, we welcome, worship, share, and care, so that all may know the love of God.