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Grade 6 - 12



Youth Ministry

Our youth ministry program is designed to help young people grow in their faith and their commitment to reaching out to those in need in our community and the world.  The youth hear advisors and church leaders express the need to "be the hands and feet of Christ to put faith in action to help heal a broken world."  Creating experiences for the youth to do just that is what OPPC strives to do.

Youth in grades 6-12 are involved from September through May in community service projects in the church as well as the local community.  Food Drives, baking cookies and serving at soup kitchens, "Craft & Chat" with Fox Run residents, Great Lakes Beach Sweep, Souper Bowl of Caring, playing with children when OPPC hosts Family Promise and the yearly Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service are just some examples of their outreach activities. Youth provide leadership to younger children during church wide activities after worship service on Sunday mornings, as well as other times during the year.   Youth are also very much involved in Worship on Sunday mornings as Ushers and Worship Assistants.

Upon completion of the Confirmation Class, youth are invited to use their newly identified Spiritual Gifts and they serve in the nursery, church school classes or as elders or deacons. Many wait with eager anticipation the yearly summer week long mission trip!

Adult chaperones for our youth ministry program are a combination of parents, church members, Covenant Partners and staff.  All chaperones are over the age of 18 and are trained and screened in accordance with our Child Protection Policy guidelines.  Completed medical forms and permission slips are required for youth to participate in activities.



Work Camp

OPPC has a more than 45 year history of providing high school age youth with the chance to experience of week of service by going on a mission trip.  Every year the destination is different, but every summer, youth and now college students put their faith into action by learning how to be the hands and feet of Christ.  Traveling in vans, sleeping on the floor, packing lunches and learning how to build, paint or talk to folks in need is a simplified explanation of what work camp entails.  Many lives are changed forever as youth work alongside adults who care about them and folks they've never met who have a need.  

The Workcamp 2019 video is featured below.  It "tells the story" in pictures!  The team leads "Workcamp Worship" on a Sunday after they return which includes the video (this year's was created by youth attendee Olivia Nellis) which containes music used during devotions each evening.  Youth return each year and often bring friends plus we have a high "return rate" of youth who attend as college students or young adults in their 20's or 30's to chaperone!  

Work Camp 2019 Video in Erie, PA.

Photos from Workcamp 2018 to Jamestown, New York


Confirmation Class

Confirmation Class is usually offered for Senior High age youth, freshman and older, sometime during the program year which parallels the local school district program year.  OPPC presents the youth with a Study Bible at the beginning of their faith journey. Adults from the congregation, called Covenant Partners, are assigned to the youth and act as guides on their spiritual path.  A service project with their Covenant Partner, and often times the entire class, is an important piece of the class requirements. As a general rule the class is confirmed in worship before Easter. Completed medical forms and permission slips are required for participation in Confirmation.


If you have questions or would like more information about our youth ministry programs, please contact Linda Babcock, Director of Education and Mission.


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