Friends of Kenya Rising

OPPC member Arthur Hyde and his wife, Alison Hyde, were the Founders of Crossroads Springs Africa, (CSA), which in 2003 began to fund an elementary school, Crossroads Springs Institute, (CSI), in Kenya for orphans whose parents had died from AIDS. 

OPPC got involved in 2010, when Rev. Dick Young and his family made a pilgrimage to CSI to visit the school.  Throughout the years OPPC has partnered in many ways to help the students meet their physical and educational needs.  Some of our youth and young adults have traveled to CSI as part of a medical or mission team.  

CSA moved on to fund secondary scholarships when primary school in Kenya became more affordable and subsequently partnered with Friends of Kakamega, (FoK), another non-profit in Western Kenya. Both organizations’ programs evolved to focus on helping children and students through their families, by continuing to provide school scholarships but adding material basic needs like solar lights and water tanks, as well as programming in health, agriculture, and small business.

We are excited to announce that Crossroads Springs Africa and Friends of Kakamega have joined together as one, combining their programs and resources under the umbrella of a new organization named Friends of Kenya Rising (FKR).

Today, as one organization, they raise funds to provide school fees for over 170 high school students and 50 college, university, and vocational students. They support Kenya Rising as it offers sustainable programs to nearly 200 families, 1,000 people, ensuring children are educated and families can improve their living situations, farm production, health, and incomes.

KR Directors Alison Hyde and OPPC member Betsy Wallace are grateful for the continued interest and support of the OPPC community.

Please visit the FKR website, to find out more about the organization and sponsorship opportunities.